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We’re Back!  Seasonal dinners at our home and take out.  Next dinner is September 22nd, 6pm.  Then again on December 8th. 

Come out to our house for pick-up at 5:30pm, join us for dinner at 6:00pm (arrive at 5:45)

Price is sliding scale:  Students ($16- $20).  Everyone else ($22-$26).

Call or email to reserve.  Priscilla and Lewis at (607)539-6673 or contact us by e-mail at TheGreatLifeCookbook@gmail.com.











The Timberlake- Freedman’s hosted a  Macrobiotic/Vegan dinners at their cozy Coddington Road house for close to 25 years.

Thank you Rae Specht for this generous article: https://cornellsun.com/2019/11/20/friday-night-macro-dinners-everyone-is-family/


“Peace does not begin with any political party, religious movement, or social platform. It begins in kitchens and pantries, gardens and backyards, where the physical source of our daily life-food, the staff of life, our daily bread-is grown and prepared. From individual hearts and homes, peace radiates out to friends and neighbors, communities and nations. Whoever takes charge of the cooking is our general, our pilot. Brown rice, miso soup, whole grain bread, fresh vegetables-these and other whole unprocessed foods are our “weapons” to turn around the entire world.”
~ Michio Kushi



Directions ( to 2161 Coddington Road, Brooktondale, NY 14817)

From Ithaca:  Go south on 96B toward Ithaca College.  About ½ mile up the road, you’ll come to Coddington Rd, on your left…  Here you’ll see a very tall flag pole and gas station (Rogan’s Corner). Make a left onto Coddington and go about ½ mile, where you will come to a stop sign.Make a right, continuing on Coddington for 9 miles.  Our house is 2161 Coddington, which is situated on the left-hand side.  It’s a green house with a blackroof, and a lighted peace sign will mark our home.

From Owego: Go north on 96B toward Ithaca.  About 5 miles past Candor, you’ll see a small road called Willseyville Road…Make a right, following it for ¼ mile  or so.
You’ll run into Coddington Road on the right.   Make the right-hand turn and follow Coddington for about 3 miles…Our house is on the right, 2161 Coddington Rd. . . .  It’s a green house with a black roof, and a lighted peace sign will mark our home.

From Danby:   Go North on 96B toward Ithaca.  Make a right-hand turn on Miller Road.
Follow Miller until it ends on Coddington Rd.  Make a right-hand turn.  Follow Coddington for about 2.7 miles.  Our house is on the left….2161 Coddington Rd.  It’s a green house with a black roof, and a lighted peace sign will mark our home.

From Dryden:
Take Route 13 South until you come to Irish Settlement Road….Make a left-hand turn. Continue on Irish Settlement, with all its curves…..Eventually it turns into Midline Road.  Continue until you reach its end at Route 79.  Make a right-hand turn.  Follow Rt. 79 a couple miles until you get to Lounsberry Road on the left-hand side.  Make a left and follow that into the town of Brooktondale.  Cross the bridge and continue up the hill onto While Church Road.  Follow this curvy road for a couple miles until you come to Ridgeway Road on your right.  Make the right and follow down and then up the hill to Coddington Rd.  Make a left-hand turn.  Just ½ mile on the left is our house, 2161 Coddington Rd. . . .  It’s a green house with a black roof, and a lighted peace sign will mark our home.