whole food, vegan, gluten-free meals for large gatherings

The Great Life Cookbook

Hi there. Priscilla and I are happy to answer questions about cooking whole-food, vegan and gluten-free. Any questions about preparing for a crowd, scaling the recipes up or down? Looking forward to sharing what we have learned over the years. – Lewis

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  1. The only hesitation I have, is that this cookbook is gluten-free. I happen to disagree with the current vilification of gluten (I’m going with the humans who’ve done okay for 11,000 years). Are there enough other grain and bean recipes here, so that I’ll be filled up?

  2. Dear Kathleen, We believe you will be delighted with our cookbook. The Great Life Cookbook is designed to be inclusive, meaning most people will be interested in the majority of the recipes. There are a variety of tasty bean, grain and vegetable dishes to explore. Our daughter-in-law, Alicia, wrote an “Apprentice Guide” which gives some background to the grains and beans we use in the recipes. You will find so many recipes here to not only fill you up, but your friends and family as well.

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